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Cities Skylines Sunset Harbor: un nuovo DLC

Cities Skylines Sunset Harbor DLC
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Paradox Interactive continua indefessa nel pubblicare espansioni per l’infinito Cities Skylines. E’ la volta di Sunset Harbor, un DLC basato sulla pesca e il trasporto. Il lancio avverrà simultaneamente su PC, Xbox One e Playstation 4 il 26 marzo 2020.

Avremo a disposizione industrie del settore ittico, bus a lunga percorrenza, elitrasporto, impianti per il trattamento delle acque e altro ancora.

Per chi non riesce ad aspettare di seguito trovate l’elenco ufficiale delle novità di Cities Skylines Sunset Harbor.

Underwater Friends – Explore the new fishing industry with control over fishing boats at sea and fish farms, adding a new commercial element to your city. Ensure that four new policies are followed so that businesses can deliver the freshest fish to grocery stores.

Water Water Everywhere – No open water sources? Not a problem with Water Treatment Plants that process waste water for additional uses.

Find Your Route – Explore new bus systems for transporting your citizens, including the Intercity Bus Service for transit between cities on the highway. The Trolleybus Service provides an eco-friendly travel method with electric power sources from overhead wires.  

Fly In Style – Circumvent traffic altogether by taking to the skies in the Passenger Helicopter service, connecting people and places in a whole new way. The Aviation Club building also encourages small plane owners to take part in recreational flying, adding to the attractiveness and entertainment of a city.

Stash Your Trash – Upgrade waste management capabilities with Transfer Facilities that allow for easier handling of trash without compromising the city layout and high land value.

Five New Maps – Find a spot for the perfect city to build! Sunset Harbor includes a variety of different maps featuring boreal, tropical and temperate locales.

All Together Now – Transport hubs connect different public transport networks, easing the transition between different modes of transportation for your citizens.

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